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The first production & publishing company in Chile focused on music for video games and apps.

Original Music


Soundtrack produced for the Levenanclas animation project. Held in Chile between 2014 and 2015.


Soundtrack produced for Solartopia. Chilean Video Game commissioned by AttMotion

What do we do?

Justicieros, besides working as a music production company, creating original audio for video games and applications, is a publishing company that represents different artists with the aim of including their works or musical pieces, on these platforms.


Our Catalog

Daniel Melero

Argentinian musician and producer. Leader and vocalist of Los Encargados, considered the first "Techno" project of Argentina. He has produced bands like Soda Stereo, Los Brujos, Todos Tus Muertos, Babasónicos. Among his innumerable recordings is the classic "Colores Santos" with Gustavo Cerati and his latest album ATLAS.

Whether in his role as Musician, Songwriter, Producer or Poet, Adrián Paoletti has us accustomed to bewilderment. Among his acclaimed musical works we can also mention his collaboration in the lyrics of the album Fuerza Natural, by Gustavo Cerati, of which the songs "Amor sin Rodeos", "Magia" and "Sal" are his authorship.

Argentinian trumpeter, composer and multi-instrumentalist.He has collaborated with music icons such as Soda Stereo, Sumo, Divididos, Charly García, Los Pericos, Sui Géneris, Gustavo Cerati, Fabiana Cantilo, Kevin Johansen, Pedro Aznar, among others. With several solo albums And Gardel Award nominations for music, Gillespi continues to be one of the most provocative artists on the Argentine instrumental scene.

Adrián Paoletti


Tribu Baharú

Afro-champetúo combo of musicians from the Colombian Caribbean, influenced by 'El Picó', a culture with more than 6 decades of tradition, which can be experienced in each of their live performance, generating an emotional state in the dancers to whom they call themselves 'Goce Champetúo', and it has its roots in the music that the children of black Africans brought to Latin America.

Zalama Crew is a group from Cali Colombia that is characterized by the energy that unfolds in its shows, full of nuances and colors.

An urban, contemporary and universal experience called "La MelodíaMusic". Their sound mixes Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, Afro-Colombian rhythms and electronic, making each presentation a multicultural celebration, highlighting their identity and influences.

Project of the Colombian Caribbean that was born in 2010 with the intention of making music that coexisted with messages of unity, tolerance, truth, love and respect, through the universality of reggae. The musical style of Tubará is framed in Ska, Rocksteady, Dub and Roots rhythms, without forgetting the traditional melodies and sounds of the Caribbean region, reinterpreted in their own style and language.

Zalama Crew


Burning Caravan

Burning Caravan is a multicultural group that has developed a creative and prolific career since 2012, with outstanding musicians from Colombia, Chile and France. Their rhythmic and melodic sound along with their lyrics full of poetic nostalgia, develop a musical genre difficult to name, merging elements of Jazz, Rock, Latin and Latin American music, among others. Their concerts are characterized by mixing a vertiginous and joyful melancholy.

Icaro del Sol

Chilean electro-rock duo. The project was born during the year 2010, in the search of a format that mixed pop, electronic and rock, and that was conformed by only two members. The lyrics and the image of the duo relate on the one hand to the native-spiritual world, and on the other, to the everyday and urban world that surrounds us. Currently Icaro del Sol is working on his new album to be released during the first half of 2018.

Jimmy Fernández

Considered the father of Chilean hip-hop, Jimmy Fernández returns to Chile after 15 years in Panama and three others in Italy, at a time when hip-hop was very minority, elevating it to a new level next with The Latin Posse, which later became La Pozze Latina, an indispensable group in Chilean musical history and paved the path of national rap with hits like "Con el color de mi aliento" or "Chica eléctrica". 

Sound Processes









Where We Are


Toledo 1939, Providencia.

Santiago, Chile.  \\  Tel: +569 85965628

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Ubicación & Horarios

Jimmy Fernández`s Workshops

Do you make music? Have you made several records?

Do you love to dedicate yourself to this but don`t know how to move forward? There are many things you should know about this industry. Solve this and all the unknowns you have with the workshops that Jimmy Fernandez has been teaching since 2011.


Available in different formats and levels.

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